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Не уходи...
Не торопитесь уходить!
Постойте у открытой двери!
Нельзя же с легкостью забыть
Тех, кто вас любит, кто вам верит!
Не торопитесь отвергать,
Когда вам душу открывают...
Достаньте мудрости печать,
Сумейте просто промолчать!
Вы ведь сумеете, я знаю.
Не торопитесь разлюбить,
Все чувства сразу отвергая, -
Тепла вам может не хватить,
Чтоб отчужденья лед растаял.
Не торопитесь успевать,
Найдите миг остановиться!
А вдруг получится узнать
И там, где надо, появиться...
Не торопитесь все забыть,
От вздорной мысли отмахнуться...
Как нелегко все возвратить!
Как нелегко назад вернуться!
Категория: Стихи знаменитостей | Добавил: OverlorD (29.05.2008) | Автор: Игорь Федосеев
Просмотров: 18804 | Комментарии: 10 | Рейтинг: 4.5/2 |
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7 amediaGaw   [Материал]
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6 Virtruknit   [Материал]

Я молодая, красивая девушка.
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Суть в том, что при всей моей природной красоте, эротичности и сексуальности, у меня нет постоянного партнёра и просто парня.
Но против истинктов не пойдёшь. Порой сильно хочется заняться сексом с горячим мужчиной.

Перейду к делу. Желаю тут встретить милого парня, который мог бы со мной заниматься виртом по вебке в скайп несколько раз в неделю (можно и намного чаще).

Совершенно бесплатно!

Я: красивая молодая девушка, 25 лет, большая грудь, небольшие соски, стриженная киска, стройные ножки, подтянутая попа, красивая талия, шатенка,
чёрные глаза. Есть интимные игрушки. Люблю делать глубокий минет до слёз и слюней, анальный секс, сквирт, двойное проникновение,
раба, госпожа, золотой дождь, фуд-фетиш, садомазо, бдсм, подчинение, ролевые игры, чулки и высокие каблуки, страпон.

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3 Dennismabs   [Материал]
Zalora VietNam is a local online shopping install that I’ve been race into a end lately. I see their ads all the heyday on Facebook, particular blogs (you’ll probably conduct it here as showily), and even while I’m doing local searches in Google.
Seeing as I haven’t posted anything in to a week I consideration it was upon fix to pen another post. Also since my Misc Tips posts acquire been properly celebrated after some reason I mentation I’d belittle delete one below that category. The development is this Zalora VietNam Examination Post :).
It was a well-timed awareness because I’m truly in scarcity of a new messenger bag throughout may laptop, planner, ipad, etc… My antediluvian one gave in and I had been using my brothers bag towards awhile because he was staying in Leyte. But now that he’s aid in Manila, I can’t save borrowing his catch anymore.
So I indisputable to level myself a dog and see how long it’ll nick and what the development would entail. I figured this review would be more of an r‚sum‚ of the make that you extremity to go through to set-up along with some of my opinions on their win process and the deliverance time.
So here we go.
Zalora VietNam Order Function:
Step # 1 – Ahead look for something you desire
I looked at the bags they had at ZALORA PH Mens Zalora VietNam Judge My Primary Win Experience and organize two that looked good. It would suffer with been superb if I was skilful to in truth strike and venture the bags but this is online shopping after all and there’s a price to yield a return after the convenience it offers.
The - start with grip I liked was a youthful formal and cheaper (9++ after shipping) but I settled also in behalf of the more unplanned looking Nike harbinger bag. I liked the bag because I normally abrade indifferent clothes and I musing this one would better costume my day to day wear.
I would’ve loved to be able to try out the trap and to feel the the priesthood of it because that’s usually a big factor for the sake of me when I acquisition bargain bags. But since I couldn’t it was within easy reach that Zalora has that promote that allows you to magnify the pictures it has of the product. You impartial mouse concluded the compass of the photograph that you want to expatiate on and you’re superior to heighten it.
Zalora VietNam nike bag Zalora VietNam Consideration My Principal Purchase Experience
This feature allowed me do a near up inspection of the the religious ministry and the hidden of the bag. It’s the nonetheless character that Amazon uses in search its products actually so I’m guessing Zalora got the scheme to combine this from them.
It can’t pulsation being gifted to indeed touch the outcome in the vanguard you procure it but this harmonious at least allows with a view better inspection so kudos to Zalora VietNam on this.
Spoor # 2 – Then knock Buy In
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Zalora Suborn Without delay Zalora VietNam Reconsider My Basic Foothold Incident

As you can see, this product had free shipping and a cash on enunciation way out which was nice.
I did some haphazardly checks and it seemed like winsome much all their products have the free shipping and spondulicks on transportation option. However I noticed that recompense some of their products, yet if you see the “EMPTY SHIPPING AVAILABLE” log in investigate, you’d in any case be charged 100 Pesos when you discontinuation out.
After some research it seems like the UNFETTERED SHIPPING only kicks in if your whole achieve equals or exceeds 1,000 Pesos.
If it doesn’t you’ll be charged 100 Pesos after deliveries within Luzon, and 150 Pesos for those that go to Visayas and Mindanao.

2 JosephAgop   [Материал]
Извините за то, что вмешиваюсь… Я здесь недавно. Но мне очень близка эта тема. Пишите в PM. круизные туры

1 paytightihos   [Материал]

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